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Skin tags (medically known as acrochordon), are small growths on the skin that are benign, colorless and can, depending on a location, cause some discomfort.

What Are Some of the Most Common Areas for Skin Tags to Occur?

People can literally get skin tags anywhere. Often patients come to us for skin tag removal because the skin tag is causing discomfort or because it is readily visible. Some of the most common places from which we’ve removed skin tags: eyelids, armpits, neck, breast area and groin area. Generally, in those areas in which skin rubs against skin, these acrochordons can and will occur.

What Types of Skin Tag Removal Treatments do We Offer?

Not all skin tags have to be removed; we suggest that if it is causing irritation or if it bothers you from a cosmetic standpoint that you consult with a dermatology provider about having your skin tags removed. A quick and relatively painless treatment, we can treat your skin tags right in our office and you will certainly leave feeling much better! The main treatment options for skin tags are freezing the tag with liquid nitrogen or using surgical scissors. The type of procedure we use will usually depend on your skin tag size and location. If your skin tag is bothering you, book an appointment with one of our dermatology providers to have it removed.